Monthly Archives: March 2015

Lighting Control with BSD Solutions

Are you planning the construction of a building and not sure what your lighting controls are yet?  With technology these days nearly anything you dream of can become reality.

Lighting controls achieve two primary purposes:

(1) Reduced electrical costs,

(2) Improved worker health, productivity, and satisfaction. Continue reading

Access Control Systems with BSD Solutions

Building owners can have total control over the security of their facility through Access Control Systems. At BSD Solutions we can provide you with the technology that will deliver sophisticated security solutions for any facility interested in protecting their assets.

Energy Saving Tips by integrating Direct Digital Control Systems (DDC)





Energy costs are constantly on the rise, as is the pressure on building owners to provide more environmentally friendly spaces, which conserve energy without sacrificing comfort for the occupants.

At the heart of all good building automation systems is DDC – Digital Direct Control, a computer or network of computers tasked with monitoring building climate and adjusting the HVAC system according to pre-programmed instructions and the state of it’s sensors. Continue reading