Energy Saving Tips by integrating Direct Digital Control Systems (DDC)





Energy costs are constantly on the rise, as is the pressure on building owners to provide more environmentally friendly spaces, which conserve energy without sacrificing comfort for the occupants.

At the heart of all good building automation systems is DDC – Digital Direct Control, a computer or network of computers tasked with monitoring building climate and adjusting the HVAC system according to pre-programmed instructions and the state of it’s sensors.

Central Control

DDC systems provide control of an entire facility’s climate control system from a central location.  This is particularly useful in a situation where control is needed over many floors, or even separate buildings.


Direct Digital Control systems are able to respond to sensor input in a much more precise manner than conventional analog controls.  This means that the right amount of energy is used, at the right time.  It’s possible to reduce energy costs greatly when the space is unoccupied in off hours by lowering heating or air conditioning levels, and then raising them just prior to occupancy, so that comfort is preserved.  DDC systems are far better at maintaining a level of heating or cooling than analog systems.

Data Output

Because Digital Direct Control systems constantly gather data from an array of sensors, this information is available to help make decisions about building occupancy, temperature trends, and energy usage.  This empowers building managers to make the best decisions for their specific needs.

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