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Air Flow Control Systems in Winnipeg

precise air flow control systems | BSD Solutions Winnipeg


Precise air flow control systems are designed for use in spaces where you are conducting life & safety-critical processes. Spaces such as hospitals, facilities with patient treatment, health research and medicine production facilities, universities, and industrial corporations.

The air flow systems control the room pressurization and its important to ensure the controls are performing at optimal levels because contaminants can do irreparable damage to highly important work or worse – to a patient.

We offer precise airflow control systems by Phoenix Controls. They provide us with innovative and unparalleled solutions and systems that are energy efficient and consistently out perform the competition.

If there is any doubt in your mind of your system’s performance, do not hesitate to contact BSD Solutions for maintenance or installation of a new air flow control system.

Journeyman Electrician Careers in Winnipeg With BSD Solutions


BSD Solutions is Winnipeg’s leader in Building Automation Systems.  We are a full-service outfit, dealing with a collection of the industry’s leading vendors in the areas of access control, airflow management, energy management, HVAC and lighting control.

We’re always looking for good people with strong technical skills to work as engineers, installers, and maintenance and repair technicians.  We need enthusiastic self-starters with strong interpersonal skills and business savvy to join our team.

If you are interested in discovering your next career move to be with us, visit our Careers page on our website and apply accordingly.