Energy Efficient Management Tips

Winnipeg building owners, are you looking for creative ways to cut costs and save money?  Consider an effective energy management plan, it can save you 20% or more from your energy costs in an existing structure? And for new construction, you can improve energy efficiency by 25% compared to the model code.

If you’re like most building owners, these cost savings sound pretty good. So how can you implement effective energy management in your building? Here are three strategies.

(1) Consider an economizer. When the weather conditions outside (temperature and humidity levels) are mild, using an economizer lowers energy costs by cooling the building with outside air, rather than cranking up your refrigeration system to cool recirculated air. Depending on the local climate and the cooling loads in your building, an optimized economizer can slash 10% from your total energy consumption.

(2) Control the system with Variable Frequency Drives. A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) governs your system in a similar way to someone driving a car while trying to save on gas. When you want to reduce speed in a car, the most efficient strategy is to take your foot off the gas and change to a lower gear, rather than going full speed and then applying the brake. The same principle applies to your energy system. Based on the heating or cooling load, VFD’s can adapt on the fly, saving you energy.

(3) Control ventilation based on demand. While outdoor air requirements must conform to ASHRAE Standard 62-99, designers traditionally believed that outdoor air quantity must be based on maximum design occupancy. Since occupant loads don’t generally stay at the highest level all day long, there’s a better benchmark that produces significant energy savings. When occupancy levels fall below the maximum, use carbon monoxide monitoring and control to find the proper ventilation rate, while still meeting the ASHRAE Standard.

These three effective energy management solutions offer realistic payback periods and will bring you cost savings for many years to come.  Connect with BSD Solutions today to find out how we can help you.  Call us at (204) 661-4600 or complete our online form found here.