Technology for your Building Control Systems


Motion sensors are great energy saving accessories for your building control systems.  They allow you to detect the presence of people in your facility, and make adjustments to your systems to ensure the comfort and safety of the building’s occupants.

Motion detectors can be used to as part of your automation processes such as controlling your heating and air conditioning levels in unoccupied spaces, which will help lower costs and reduce environmental impact.

Motion detectors are commonly used to automatically turn lights on when a room becomes occupied, and automatically turns the lights off when a room becomes unoccupied.  Such systems are often referred to as “Smart Lighting”, and they’re used to help control energy costs, satisfy building codes and comply with green building standards like LEEDS.  Their use can also extend the life of your lighting systems bulbs, further reducing costs.

Motion sensors are often used to turn on exterior lighting when they detect a human presence.  This increases safety for “friendly” people walking to and from your building, and acts as a deterrent for potential criminals, who prefer to work in darkness.

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