Alerton is a worldwide leader in interoperable building automation systems. They pioneered the manufacturing and distribution of innovative building management solutions to global leaders in a variety of industries.

Their fully automated systems are found all over the world in thousands of buildings of all types and sizes, including large office buildings, office parks, government facilities, hospitals, industrial and manufacturing facilities, schools, and hotels.



How We Make It Work For You

BSD Solutions is proud to be a part of Alerton's support network and has been the local authorized dealer for Alerton products in Manitoba and Ontario since 2002.

Our highly qualified staff has the experience to put Alerton's products to work in your building. We have done everything from small retrofits to large complex integration projects. No job is too big or too small.

Through the use of Alerton's BACtalk line of products we'll provide you with a total solution for your building that is both reliable and easy to use.



BACtalk - The industry's first total BACnet system

Alerton recognized the benefits of BACnet and introduced the industry's first total BACnet system, BACtalk. This forward thinking is consistent with Alerton's rich history of technology innovation.

BACtalk is BACnet implemented at all system levels. From its remarkable Windows®-based operator workstations, to network controllers and routers, to central plant controllers, Even a complete family of unitary and zone controllers. Such a total BACnet-based system gives you ultimate flexibility to integrate other BACnet-based systems and components.

A BACtalk system can fit buildings of any type or size, from office buildings, schools, and hospitals, to universities, factories, hotels, and military installations. And because BACtalk is based on BACnet, you are assured of a system that will interoperate with systems of the future.



BACtalk Network Diagram